This summer I'll be in Madrid and Barcelona sharing all my secrets with chalk art and lettering again! If you're interested, check my workshop agenda here
What will you learn at my Chalk Lettering Workshop? 
- how to prepare the perfect blackboard
- best types of chalk and how to use it
- at least one basic alphabet 
- how to apply decoration, shades and volume to your letters
- creative process on how to plan a good chalkboard design
... and much more in person :)
Where to use this kind of art?
- for your own personal use, as a hobby or as inspiration
- to decorate your own house or friends' places
- as an extra option to pay your bills doing some freelance
- to small and big chalkboard on cafes, bars and restaurants
... and wherever your creative mind goes.
Learn how to think and plan simple and beautiful chalk arts and lettering from the begging.
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