This was a very cool project I had the pleasure to bring to life in 2021 together with Mucha Tinta along side other 5 artists painting in local schools. For my mural I have chosen the indigenous word "Pachamama" as a way to speak about global warming and its impact. The goal of this project was to bring awareness to SDG number 13 that calls for urgent action to combat climate change. It is intrinsically linked to all 16 of the other Goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  
Pachamama means "Mother Earth" in quechua – an indigenous language spoken by the people who live in the Andes. This "goddess" represents the relationship between the people and the land. That's why I wanted to paint it. I think this word is so strong 'cause it evokes the wellness and balance between mother nature and us. It's our responsibility to be part of this fight on climate change and to take action on each daily choice. 
Check out this vídeo of the process: 
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