I was invited by Mucha Tinta + Muchas Minas to be one of the two women artists to occupy these big murals in my hometown. I'm very glad I've had the opportunity to paint over 200 square meters alongside Marina Capdevilla from Spain in front of "Passeio Público" – one of the most beautiful touristic places in Curitiba. 
I've chosen one single word to play visually with huge letters and to connect with people who pass by during these difficult times we have been facing. A word of hope and encouragement. A word that has always been by my side every time I felt I was not enough or frightened. From my perspective as a woman, I can say I have to be brave in most of the situations I put myself in, even something as "simple" as riding my bike everyday and existing as a female in a world that is so hostile and violent towards our gender. 

A word to remember us to keep being bold and courageous. I hope you feel inspired too. 
Ficha técnica:
Coordenação Geral e Artística: Giusy de Luca & Bernardo Bravo
Produção Executiva dos Murais: Carolina Mariano
Artistas Convidadas - Murais: Cristina Pagnoncelli & Marina Capdevila
Assistência nos Murais: Claudemir Franco, Junin - Jair Moreira Fernandes Jr, Renata Freitas, Diego Carneiro, Kamylla Tavares & Mariê Balbinot. 

Agradecimentos: Fundação Cultural de Curitiba, Prefeitura Municipal de Curitiba, EBANX, Embaixada da Espanha, CondoConsult, Sanepar, CEDES, Centro Europeu, Tintas Vergínia, Tintas Suvinil, Sesi Cultura PR, Observatório Criativo.

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