I'm very glad every time people come to me asking to create visuals for women projects. This is the first season of 12 podcast episodes that tell stories about amazing and courageous heroines from Brasil. Developing these artworks was a great opportunity to explore local cultural elements and to be inspired by the letters and shapes from Brazilian vernacular typography. 
Here are some of the local references in vernacular and handmade letters together with some female symbols and elements of nature that inspired the whole development of this visual ID.
Since most of these women don't have good pictures and photo registration, illustrating each cover art with realistic portraits exploring different textures was the best way to create a unique visual between these 12 cover artworks, besides a strong color palette to enrich it's visual impact when seen side by side.

Check out below all the 12 portrait's episodes from the first season.
Check it out and listen (inPortuguese) on Spotify: Heroínas do Brasil

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