Back in 2019, I was invited to develop this Chalk Lettering Mural, done especially for a celebrated art show about urban letters and typography, at one of the most iconic buildings in São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil. The event was held in "Farol Santander" at Banespa Building showing a diverse world of visual expressions through calligraphy, lettering and typedesign.
The whole mural was done only with chalk
(traditional ones for the whites and soft pastels for the colours).
The art show intended to inspire the viewers to observe and think about shapes and styles –the old and the new ones– that communicate and decorate the urban scenario in Brazil. 
The art show was featured in many local medias, as seen below: "Street Art and Typography that translates São Paulo's urban identity". In the exhibition's curator words: "A country can be read in many forms, not only for its progress. Its history can be told through football, music... Here, our story can be told through urban letters..."
I felt deeply honored to be able to show my work among so many other artists I've been a fan for a long time such as: Tony de Marco (pixotosco), Alexandre Orion, Daniel Melim, Gui Menga and Victor Tognollo.
Read more about this project in Portuguese at my Medium

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