We had the great honor of participating in the exhibition "Design for All?"  at The Brazilian Design Biennial 2015.
Invited by the great Bruno Porto and Rico Lins, we created the poster "A CITY FOR ALL", the result of a 300m² intervention painted on the asphalt. The painting was done on the first "Via Calma" of Brazil, located in Curitiba, in order to transform urban mobility, encouraging respect and peaceful coexistence among the various modes of transportation. The poster, photographed through the lens of Ricardo Perini, seeks to show the interaction
of our intervention with pedestrians, cyclists and drivers: a living city.

The video tells a little of our late-into-the-night painting process of that giga-lettering. Thank you Bruno and Rico for the invitation to participate in this important event for the Brazilian design and the Municipality of Curitiba for their support and for helping us make this crazy idea possible.

Photos and Video Ricardo Perini.

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