This was my second time participating in this amazing project ( @youarenotalonemurals ) – that seeks to bring awareness to the Mental Health Month of May in USA. I painted a mural back in 2021 in my hometown (Curitiba, Brazil) but this time I had the chance to be painting again in 2023 alongside 9 incredible artists at the Seaport Mural Fest happening at PIER 17 – in Manhattan, NYC. 
My mural says "you are not alone" in Portuguese as this is my native language. Also the idea is to reach to more people with the message and connect with more people like immigrants living in the city or just tourists passing by. There were also 5 more different languages painted by other artists such as: Chinese, Japonese, Korean, Spanish and English. 
As part of the project I also painted a bike from Priority Bikes ( @ridepriority ) – which is available in a raffle till the end of this month. Another 5 bikes were painted by artists and these beauties are being ridden through the city by volunteers during all May delivering postcards about the project and talking about the importance of mental health and ways to get help. 
Special thanks to Annica and Sam! I am so glad to be part of this project! 
Thank you so much @youarenotalonemurals & @ridepriority for this amazing experience.

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